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 Collecting, listening to and (mis)using self-made field and voice recordings, found sounds, broken new-media and instruments, bodies, textures, and movements.


With a lo-tolerance for beats and grids, and a hi-tolerance for ambience, noise, rhythm([s]analysis and Other[ly| (sonic) materialities.

Output, pass thru, insert, chain reaction, impulse, back. 


that there then, not now here past will listen to these sound artefacts, let them affect us, interact transmedially, comment on them, defragment them and combine them into new sound compositions.



Together, from the bottom up, from the bottom down, and for no one but the uncertain us.

that there then not now here past is




on one hand


an artistic practice developed as an ongoing process by Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow, Aran Kleebaur and Chiara Marcassa for Implantieren Festival 2022/23 Beziehungsweisen taking place in Frankfurt am Main

on the other hand

an open composition consisting of sound, noise, text, language, fields and memories.

These tools considered as a field of sonic fragments  capture a certain situation in time and space, they always represent a sonic momentum. They create palimpsest bridges between the receptive, inner impression and performative affect, also concerning their manner(s) in a medium/a’s dimension


As historical artefacts

As non-linear narratives
As personal memory

As processual sonic material

As sound marks corresponding with environmental data

As language affirming understanding without meaning.


We gather at a certain time and in a particular place, equipped with a multichannel-mixer, eight loudspeakers, cables and several effects. There will be timeworn devices, too, wobbling record players, dirty tape loops as well as microphones and pieces of speech messages.

We bring with us our personal sound-captured paths/pasts intervene/fere, connect and synchronize them as a newly merged, real-time experience.

More info and contact via this webpage or


Find more information on our website the practice at Implantieren Festival 22/23 Beziehungsweisen 

sonic material

Funded by Kulturamt of the city of Frankfurt a/M and Implantieren 2022/23. 

Funded by Musikfonds e.V. by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

photos: Antonia Beeskow & Laurenz Raschke

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