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Spettra_fader [ghost]

im Rahmen der Ausstellung Säulen Säumen

Herzogstraße 89 in Düsseldorf / 28.10. - 06.11.2022

Gruppenausstellung mit

Nils Fischer, David Schlaht, Timofej Kratz, Hanna Kuster, Antonia Freisburger, Teresa Linhard, Veith Tönsing, Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow 

spettra_fader [ghost]


Audio-Installation mit Fader-Wing und Komposition aus Field Recordings und KI-Stimme.

duration 30 min


"Your blue eyes match the general terrain. a bang. I imagine that we are science officers of a spaceship and I am first officers and you do something with translations. the noise of the plant.

The system, which warms up before the membrane trembles and dances, deafens ears, makes noise, the basses that waft at the edges, like inlays woven into my breath, the bloodstream, roar like on the autobahn. One hit after the other. I wish I was a 9” speaker, trembling, vibrating, screams run through me, mind-blurring noise. A film of sweat settles on me, your ear closes to check my breath.

The impact, my mouth slightly open, weak, swallow badly, I can't, I would have liked to have said something else."

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